Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Prom Dress Style

There are so many dresses that are available for prom 2011, so how do you determine the right style that will compliment your body type? Here are a few suggestions to help you find the right look for prom 2011

·         A  LINE prom dress - this will be a prom dress that is fitted on top and will flare out after the waistline, thereby resembling the capital letter “A”. This style of a prom dress is a great style for disguising a bottom heavy figure.

·         BALL GOWN – the ball gown is defined as a long dress that is fitted at the bodice of the dress and having a very full skirt. This is the most formal of prom dresses. The ball gown is flattering for the average to tall girl since the full skirt usually cuts the body in half; however the full skirt is a great way to hide everything from a tummy to full hips and legs. 

·         TRUMPET SKIRT prom dress – this dress is close fitting until it reaches the knees and then it flares

·         MERMAID style prom dress- a mermaid style closely resembles a trumpet skirt prom dress with the difference being that the flare on the dress does not start until mid to lower calf.  Both the trumpet and mermaid style dress will add a lot of curves to your body type. 

·         ONE SHOULDER prom dress – The one shoulder prom dress can be found in the collection of every prom dress designer for 2011. This style has an elegance and sophistication of the red carpet look. The added strap will help support the dress for the busty girl.

·         HALTER TOP prom dresses -  If you are a full figure girl consider the halter top prom dress, not only will it give you the support   but if you choose a halter top dress that has an  A line bottom  you will balance the top and bottom of your
figure giving you an hourglass look that every girl aims to achieve.

·         EMPIRE WAIST prom dress – Empire waist line dress is any dress that the waist line has been raised higher than the natural waistline. Some empire waistline dresses could start as high as under the bra line. Consider this style if you are petite or have a thick waist since it will camouflage and give a taller slender look. 

With so many styles to choose from keep your body shapes in mind when selecting your perfect dress for prom 2011. Need advice for your body type contact us and we would love to help you find your style!

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