Wednesday, July 1, 2009

* Mother of the Wedding *

When to Shop

As soon as the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses are chosen, start shopping. Bridal stores usually stock a limited number of sizes and colors in a particular style, so you probably will have to special-order your dress.

What Style

Though you have probably imagined the bride’s gown in your dreams, chances are you hadn’t imagined yourself and what you would wear. Today there is no dictate in fashion for mothers of the bride and groom. There is a wide range of choices from simple and sleek to glamorous and sophisticated. As in all fashion, wear what you love; wear what looks best on you. The days of the dowdy mother of the bride are happily gone forever.

Mothers of the bride and groom should dress in a manner consistent with the overall style and formality of the wedding. Your dress should compliment the bride’s choices for herself and the wedding party. Be sure to ask the bride’s opinion on how she may want the mothers to look on her wedding day.

In addition to the bride, mothers of the bride and groom should consult each other before making a decision on a dress. Although your dresses do not need to be the same color, they should be equally formal and compliment each other because you will be standing near each other and will be in some pictures together.

What Color

When deciding on a color, choose a dress that looks good with your skin tone and compliments the overall wedding colors. Still follow the rule to stay away from white (or whatever the shade is that the bride is wearing). Although black used to be considered inappropriate, it is now very popular and elegant as well.

What Price

Invest in the best your pocket book allows. For this special day, you may even want to splurge a bit. Remember, after the bride, you are next in line in regards to how you look from your guests’ point of view and what you chose to wear.

Every fashionable look is abundant at every bridal or department store at every price. Some bridal shops give very good prices when you buy ‘off-the-rack’ rather than ordering a special gown in. Again, choose a style that looks best on you, that you are comfortable in and color and style is consistent with the overall look of the wedding.

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i am getting married in like 3weeks and i havent found a dress wat should i do omg