Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Invite Reads ....

The invite reads "formal attire, please." But what the heck does that mean? Party definitions can be quite controversial. Let's get the rules straight, so you wear what's right when arriving fashionably late.

Black Tie: Get dressy! A lacy short dress with a heart-shaped torso and the right heels are perfect for a black tie event. But a long, flowing train the barely brushed the floor could work, too. It really depends on your mood and what you like to wear.

Formal Attire: Typically calls for a long dress, Usually the same as a black tie event.

White Tie or Ultra Formal: Jazz it up. Guys will wear full dress--white tie, vest, and the works. Ladies opt for full-length gowns. An A-line ball gown will do.
Black Tie Optional: Best to feel it out. What's the occasion? Consider time of day and the crowd. Depending on the party, anything from a cute mini to a silky

Semi-Formal or After Five: This means long dresses are not required. Again, consider the occasion and time of day.

Cocktail: Short, elegant dresses are best for a cocktail party. Don't go too casual, nothing you'd wear to church or a picnic. Sequins and embroidery are totally cool.

Of course, if you have questions, always call the host. She'll be thrilled that you care about what you wear to her event.

When picking a style, you should choose classiness over trendiness.

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