Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prom is almost here *

With Your Prom Quickly Approaching, here our some tips to help you!

1. Make sure you request that day off from work ... If you have a job!

2. Remind your date to rent his TUX, suggest a color or style if you have a preference. He will appreciate the advice... REALLY!

3. Make dinner reservations

4. Charge your cell phone

5. Decide whether your driving or renting a limo!

6. Put brand new batteries into your camera!

7. If you are going out after prom, make sure to pack a change of clothes!

8. Make a promise to make prom night safe for you and your friends. Have a plan to know that everyone gets home safely. Each year friends lose friends from drug or alcohol related accidents.

9. Relax and have fun! Its your Prom!


Some dresses look better with pin-ons while others look better with wrist corsages!

What flower or color will look best with your dress?

If your date plans to get you a corsage, let him know what would look and work best!

* Shoes, jewelry and undergarments *

Find shoes that are not only perfect for your dress, but comfortable too! You wanna DANCE!!

Like shoes, jewelry is an accent to your dress and should be a compliment to the style of your dress.

Spanx, Diva-Bra and other form fitting garments have become popular. Not only do they make you look and feel great, but you'll find your dress moves and lays more smoothly for a better fit!

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