Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Reasons not to Purchase Your Prom Dress Online

Prom 2011 is almost here and you need to purchase the perfect prom dress, where do you shop? I know that you can find anything online today but do you want to purchase such an important special occasion dress without seeing the store behind the dress?

1.Purchasing  your prom dress should be a process that you enjoy and experience and not just a click of a mouse and waiting for a box to arrive in the mail.

2. If you have done your homework and downloaded all the pictures and style # of the designers, shouldn't you head to a store that has hundreds of  prom dresses in stock that you  can see, touch and try on?

3.  Designer dresses are available only if purchased through an authorized dealer so be very careful that you are purchasing an original designer label  prom  gown and not a knockoff prom dress that may look similar but the quality and value is missing.

4.  The price of  prom dresses are so competitive that most store will match whatever price you find online.

5. Most online stores do not allow you to return the dress if it does not fit, so how will you know if you have the right size? If you visit a store you will be measured properly and the store will be responsible for the proper size being ordered for you.

6.Found the perfect prom dress but can't afford the price of the dress?  Many bridal shops offer layaways  so that your dream prom dress can become a reality.

7. Most bridal shops will register your designer prom dress, so that if someone else already purchased your prom dress for your school's prom you will know before  you purchase the dress.

8. There are so many designers of prom dresses and so many colors and sizes available that no online store or bridal shop will ever be able to have all of the dresses in stock. All Designer dresses are ordered from the same manufacturer  so that the odds of being able to get your 1st choice in a prom dress are the same.

9. Everyone's body is built different so you can not look at a picture and know how that dress will look on your body type, you have to come into the store and try the style on to know that you have indeed found that perfect prom dress.

10. If somthing goes wrong with the order, who are you going to call  or e-mail? Well, coming into a store meeting a sales associate face to face gives you a name and connection with someone who will make sure you are happy with your purchase.

So ask yourself do I trust an online store or do I want to go to a store with real customer service?

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