Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party Dresses with a Retro look!

flirt tony bowls macduggal
Party dresses are always fun but one of the hottest trends is totally retro! Hair, jewelry and of course dresses are taking a blast to the past, and they have never looked better! Want to be apart of this old school meets new school look? Try one of these  party dresses to start off with. Flirt P5542, Tony Bowls TS11170 and MacDuggal 6079N are three totally hot styles complete with the vibe of yesteryear. Polka dots and plaid are fun ways to incorporate a print into your retro party dress. And who could possibly think retro without a poodle skirt?
rollerset makeup pincurls
Retro hair is all about the wave, height and volume! To achieve voluminous waves, have your hair wet set in rollers and allow them to dry completely. When dry remove rollers and tease, or backcomb, each section of hair. Don’t forget to use some hair spray to set the style in place. Another retro ‘do is pin curls. To create a pin curl look, start with damp hair. Take small sections of hair and gently wrap around your finger. Secure each curl with a bobby pin. Again, allow hair to dry completely. Once dry, remove each bobby pin and gently comb out hair with your fingers. For your makeup, try black eyeliner slightly winged out on the ends with black mascara for your lashes. A red lip is a must for this look as well. To make your red lips look their best, try coloring in your lips with a red lip liner to prevent bleeding, also use a brush to apply lipstick to truly fill in lips more precisely. Blot to remove access color.
beadednecklace wingedglasses
Pair these styles with a chunky beaded necklace in a coordinating color, button earrings and some cool wedges or a peep-toe heel and you will almost be ready to go! Want to go the extra mile? Try a pair of winged glasses!

With all these tips, we hope that you will be looking retro-chic at your special event or even at your prom!!!

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