Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prom 2008 - 4 Ways to De-Stress

by Lauren Bright
courtesy of Your Prom Magazine

Pre-prom jitters got you pouncing on the panic button? Check out our sanity-saving tips guaranteed to glide you through the day feeling fabulous—not frazzled!

011_primary_300x225Put It In Writing
Jotting down a last-minute to-do list not only helps you get organized but also keeps panic in its place, says Dr. Dale Atkins, a New York City–based psychologist. “When you see your errands written down in black and white, they become less overwhelming and more manageable.” Keep your list handy and check things off as you go along. “That way,” she says, “you don’t have to stress out about remembering everything—it’s all right there.” Sounds like she’s got the “write” idea!

Plan a Snack Attack
If the ticking clock is making you nervous, you can munch your way to a much happier state, says nutritionist Hillary Baron, co-owner of Mind Over Matter, a nutrition and personal-training firm in New York City. In addition to eating three square meals, she suggests you snack on carbohydrate-rich foods. Eating carbs releases serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical. So to help stay calm, try chewing on these mood foods: a few graham crackers with peanut butter or some fresh fruit.

Shake It, Baby!
Exercise is the perfect preprom activity, according to Karina Krepp, a certified personal trainer in New York City. “Raising your heart rate can help dissipate those preprom jitters and give you the added benefit of a healthy glow.” And you don’t need a formal workout either. “Just putting on your favorite music and practicing your dance moves is sure to squash your stress,” Krepp says.

Hydrate—Don’t Caffeinate
To keep your body—and mood—in top shape, whet your whistle. “Every cell in our body contains water,” Baron says, “and every body function requires water to work.” Which means not getting enough of the cool clear stuff could leave your party plans high and dry: “Dehydration can lead to fatigue and can increase stress,” Baron says. If you think chugging Coke or other caffeinated drinks will set your liquid levels back on track, get ready for a splash of reality. “Caffeine can cause a decrease in blood sugar,” Baron says. “This can intensify those fretful feelings.” Instead, down eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water over the course of the day to make sure you hit optimum hydration.

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